Funnel Cake Elephant Ear

The following is just a brief list of the delights in store for you this Labor Day Weekend in Portland, as complied by the Press Herald.

The city truck food scene in Portland is fantastic and exploding, and dessert trucks are the biggest growing trend.

Eighty 8 Donuts has lots of specialties including the newest flavor, Doctor’s RX, a lime-glazed doughnut topped with shredded coconut, according to the newspaper.

Yum! I guess I can always push the diet back one more weekend!

Look for Fred’s Fried Dough and the owner Kyle McNair.  He worked two jobs to make his dream of being a food cart come true.  He has big plans for a fried lobster roll.

Where is the line? I’m game to try one. Still, Fred’s fried dough is hard to beat.

Looking to take a step on the wild side?  Try the Lulo, a tropical citrus fruit that is part of the tomato family.

According to the Press Herald, Paleta Guy owner, Korik Vargas, says he has the best taste tester: his toddler daughter.  The great part of trying something at the Paleta Guy is he plans to donate 5-10 percent of his profits to conservation projects in the tropics.  He is a big believer in healthy forests make for more fruit.

Whatever flavor you are into, you are in for a sweet treat trying the food carts on Portland’s streets this Labor Day weekend!




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