I have lived in New England all my life and sometimes I forget that people from all over the country travel here to enjoy our breathtaking Fall foliage. It is something I have taken for granted over the years. The one year I lived in Florida and the leaves didn't change in September (yeah, the palm trees just look the same all year round. WEIRD!) I felt like something was missing.

My partner in crime Chio was talking on the air about now that his wife has moved to New Hampshire how he wants to be a leaf peeper this year. What he didn't realize is that leaf peeping is a SCIENCE!

There are maps that track the peak fall foliage all across New England. According to NewEngland.com, factors like temperature and moisture contribute to when and where the leaves are going to peak. Of course this varies every year which means we never see the same show twice. If you miss peak color in one place, you can always look somewhere else. Leaf peeping season generally goes until the end of October.

Thanks to Crystal Lauletta we now know that the leaves have peaked on Route 16 in Errol, New Hampshire. She shared this photo on the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page and it seriously looks like a post card.

Crystal Lauletta via u Local New Hampshire
Crystal Lauletta via u Local New Hampshire

Will you be leaf peeping this year? If so, where and when?

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