When I moved to New Hampshire in February, I looked all over Dover for a place to live. One of the places I really wanted to live was Cocheco Mills. Little did I know, it's reportedly the most haunted place in all of Dover, NH.

Matt Cardy/Getty Images
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Located on the site where the Dover Mills once stood...people have reported strange lights  coming from  upper level rooms when the building is empty. Machines can also be heard turning on and off. Some even say lights can be seen in the basement even though it's blocked off. And voices can be heard in the stairwell towers.

Perhaps the haunting began shortly after the tragic fire on that cold January morning in 1907. Starting on the fourth floor, the flames spread quickly since the sprinkler system was shut down for repair. Many workers were trapped on the fourth and fifth floors by the fire and smoke. And with only one fire escape...many jumped out of windows to save their life. As the blaze continued to spread, three floors collapsed on one another.

Fire fighters battled the fire for 36 hours. But the water in the fire engines, so cold, it froze almost instantly. In the end six people lost their in the tragedy.

Are their spirits still trapped inside the building, looking for a way out? Are they the ghosts walking the halls of the Cocheco Mills? Many that live there or have visited say yes.

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