Hope your Tuesday is off to a great start.  We were getting into trouble this morning on The Morning Waking Crew.  Well, sort of.

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Troublemakers in School

We asked about the worst trouble you ever got into while in school.  I'm telling you, some of our listeners would make 'The Breakfast Club' blush!  ("You mess with the bull, you get the horns!")  

Linda called the show and told us one day she brought a purse full of snakes to school and like I even need to finish this sentence - yup, some of them got out! She never explained why she felt the need to bring a purse full of snakes into school.

Tym told us the story about how he tossed his teacher's car keys onto the top of the building. However, Tym does say that without said teacher, Darren Laughland of Kennet High, he wouldn't have graduated. I'm guessing Mr. Laughland gave Tym a passing grade because he didn't want to run the risk of having him held back.  BTW...this story is not about TimTern.

Congratulations to Kathy Danville.  She was our daily winner today of a $50 gift certificate to Freshwater Farms in Atkinson, NH.  Kathy, go get yourself something pretty!

Unique Way of Naming Your Puppy

You heard us talking about this during the show this morning and if you follow Mike Rowe on social media, you know he adopted a puppy recently. He asked his fans what he should name the newest member of his family and he received over ninety-thousand responses. That's not the crazy part. The way he went about naming the puppy is the best part!

Don Briand Wins an Award

Big shout-out to News Director Don Briand. Over the weekend, Don was awarded the Rotary's 'Paul Harris Fellow Award.'

Another award for Don Briand!


Meteorologist Rob Carolan is expecting a mix of clouds and sun with the chance of a passing shower and 65.  Expect clouds in the North Country with a chance of a shower and 55.

Top News Stories

Over Two Dozen Dead In Ukraine
The Ukrainian government says some 34 people are dead in fighting between government troops and pro-Russian insurgents in the eastern city of Slovyansk. Thirty of those killed were insurgents.

Manchester Orthodontist Has License Suspended 
The state Board of Dental Examiners has temporarily suspended the license of a Manchester orthodontist, while it investigates allegations that he put patients at risk of infection. The board says it suspended Nicholas Marshall's license on April 28th, four days after an inspection of his office.

Gov't Agency Seeks Proposals for Maine Coast
A government agency is seeking proposals for the protection and development of the Maine coast. The state Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry has announced a new round of grants totaling $265,000.

Stupid News

With yesterday being 'Cinco de Mayo,' you knew there would be at least one Stupid News story that involved someone imbibing a bit too much.  According to the Boston Globe, a man was escorted from a commuter train headed from Boston to Worcester over the weekend. The man allegedly, was train surfing while wearing a poncho and sombrero.

Joke du Jour

A doctor sent a patient a copy of an old bill with a note that said, 'This bill is one year old.' The patient sent back a note that said, 'Happy Anniversary!'

Coming Up On Wednesday...

It's time for another 'Wingate Wednesday'! All I know is our friends from the Wingate Salon and Spa will be bringing some bacon-infused spa treatments. Plus, with Mother's Day in sight, we want to hear about habits you picked up from your mother!