Holy Moses, Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond, New Hampshire, has done it again with an innovative new sandwich! For me, this was drool at first sight.

Kira Lew
Kira Lew

According to Tuckaway's FB page, this bad boy has buttermilk fried chicken, honey BBQ rub, shredded lettuce (so it's basically a salad), cob smoked bacon, and Alabama white BBQ bread and butter pickles and crispy onions!

Now they need a name that encapsulates the epic-ness of this sandwich. They are asking the "Tuck Fam" for their input. Here are the final two contenders:

“BAMmer Time”

“Sweet Comb Alabama”

I vote Sweet Comb Alabama to pay homage to the Alabama white BBQ bread and butter pickles! Judging by the comments, that one seems to be in the lead. Someone said "BAMmer Time" is a little too Emeril. LOL BAM!

And get this. The first 200 people to vote get to try this sandy for FREE before it is available to the public. That is so VIP. Vote now!

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