The Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond, New Hampshire is being commended for their transparency and honesty with the community. On Tuesday afternoon (7/28) they took to their Facebook page to announce that unfortunately one of their staff members tested positive for Covid-19. As of now they are closed until further notice so they can take all of the necessary precautions. (disinfecting the building, the rest of the staff needs to get tested, etc.)

Customers wanted to know what department the employee worked in and what day this person was working which I think was a reasonable request. Tuckaway then updated their existing Facebook status:

"For those inquiring, the employee was a bartender on the restaurant side (fully masked) whose last shift was Sunday. They were also here Friday of last week"

The status goes on to say that they have been in touch with the CDC to ensure they are doing everything they should be doing to keep the rest of their staff and the public safe. They ask that you be patient during this time and they will keep us posted on a reopening date.

To the employee who tested positive for this virus, I wish you a speedy recovery. And to the rest of the Tuckaway Tavern staff and their loyal customers, hang in there! Hopefully they will be able to safely reopen soon and continue serving our community the best Tuckin' meat there is :)

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