Little Miss Sophie’s restaurant is closing for 2 weeks while the staff quarantines in an abundance of caution reports  One of the staff received news that a person they had been in contact with had tested positive.  That employee immediately left the restaurant to go get tested which turned out to be positive.  Little Miss Sophie’s, which has been doing everything right, including temperature checks on employees daily, has a small staff and instead of bringing in temporary employees, they decided to close for two weeks just to be safe and quarantine.


Manager Sue Mayo says, “At no point was the public in any danger” and “We’d rather keep everybody safe,” according to  It is interesting to note that the staff member that tested positive did not have a fever, and is experiencing mild, cold-like symptoms. Mayo also tells “Really, this could have been a lot worse, except (they) did keep (their) mask on.  It’s a perfect situation.  (They) did a good job.  It could have been a lot worse.

Thankfully the staff member that tested positive and all the employees at Little Miss Sophie’s restaurant were following best practices and were wearing masks.  It must be a tough decision to make for any business owner to voluntarily shut down, but I think the owner and manager should be commended for doing the right thing.  It’s just another reminder that we may be tired of the virus, but it is not tired of us.  I have more confidence in dining out if restaurants are taking precautions.



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