I LOVE pizza! It's no secret it's my favorite food. I'd eat it every single day if I could. And while not all pizza is created equal...when you add the word FREE in front of it, suddenly it isn't so bad after all. That's why this is very exciting news for pizza lovers like me.

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Walmart is giving away FREE pizza today. The Thrillist says, it's all because Walmart changed up their recipe last year...and everyone hated it. So now, they're switching back to the old recipe. And to celebrate, they're giving it away. All you have to do is stop by for a free slice. Yup...just a slice. But who says you can't just take a change of clothes and go back in again. Or if you really love it...is any drive too far for a slice of pepperoni? I think not.

However, before you jump in your car and head to Walmart...not at every single Walmart is taking part in the free pizza giveaway. Sadly, here in New Hampshire...all five of the Walmart stores I called decided not to participate. So make sure you call ahead before you drive to your favorite store location.

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