National Bike to School Day is set for Wednesday, May 8th, and students from all over the state are ready set for a pedaling commute.


For the 8th straight year, National Bike to School day is set for May 8th. Education seems to be the theme of special days this week, with National Teachers Appreciation day on Tuesday, and this the following day. Walk & Bike to Schools's website urges students to show their creativity while stressing the importance of road safety with their spirit signs. The 8.5 X 11 downloadable signs are to use at Walk to School Day and Bike to School Day events.

Last year was a stunning success as National Bike to School Day, and participation set a new record with more than 3,200 registered events, according to their website.

Tomorrow looks to be a nice day for it! According to, most of New Hampshire will be sunny with temps in the 60's. However, it will be a breezy day.



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