I am from a town with a silly name so I totally know the struggle. I hail from the charming central Massachusetts town of Leominster. Why couldn't they just spell it how it sounds? If I hear one more person call it LEO-Minster..I'm not going to do anything at all! It happens all the time! You can't blame people for not being able to pronounce it. I'm still mad about it and I haven't live there in 14 years.

Chio thinks the town of Dummer, New Hampshire has the silliest name.Who comes up with these town names? I feel bad for the smart people who live in Dummer. Imagine having Dummer High School on your college application? OY!

We posed the question to our listeners and they came up with some really funny ones:

Effingham NH

This one sounds like an Easter dinner gone bad. "Effing Ham!"

Mosquitoville, VT

I'm itchy just thinking about visiting this town.

Belchertown, MA

You have to be able to burp very loudly in order to live here.

Mianus, CT

SHUT UP! Is this real place?

Athol, MA

I think we all know what this word sounds like.

Spray, ME

And the sign says "Welcome to Spray ME" lol that makes me giggle.

Center Sandwich, NH

The best part of any Sandwich

Dummerston, VT

I wonder if this is anywhere near Dummer, NH?

Braintree, MA

This one comes with a visual. It always makes me think of a tree with brains growing on it.

Then some people added a few bonus ones that aren't towns but they are still funny names of things in New England:

Apparently there is a "Katie's Crotch Rd" in Maine. Who is Katie and why is there a road named after her crotch? And then you have Assinippi corner in Norwell, MA. I am not mature enough to visit there.

Are we missing any silly names on our list?

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