So, the Coronavirus might be keeping us away from the big, live shows, but it can stop us from bringing some great music right to your house!

It's the WOKQ Virtual Sessions, brought to you by Newburyport Bank, Journey Well.

Tomorrow night, it's Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore and Craig Morgan live from the Grand Ole Opry. You can watch starting at 9pm here.

All three artists have been keeping busy during the pandemic.

Justin has his own podcast, and we even found out that he and Brantley are best friends off the road, when Brantley joined him on the show.

Justin has a new song that he just released to radio called We Didn't Have Much.

Brantley has also been keeping busy with a new song on the radio as well, called Hard Days.

Both said during Justin's podcast that they are going a little stir crazy, and are really missing touring, even though it's been great to get extra time with their families.

Both guys likened it to being on a sports team, and really missing the comradeship with their band mates.

Craig has also been working on new music, and I get choked up every time I hear The Father, My Son, and the Holy Ghost. Craig has also said he has a hard time getting through the whole song, as it was written about his late son.

This is sure to be a great show, with three of our favorite artists. So, don't miss out. Streaming live tomorrow night at 9pm from the Grand Ole Opry!

It's WOKQ Virtual Sessions, brought to you by our friends at Newburyport Bank, Journey Well!

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