So I have to come out and say that I am not a Star Wars enthusiast. Nothing against the films, they have just never been my thing. However, I respect the dedication and passion that Star Wars fans possess and think it is a really cool society of humans that I will never fully understand.

For every kitchen appliance you can think of, there is a Star Wars version of it. Here are 10 of my favorite Star Wars collector's items available for sale in our galaxy.

1. R2D2 Popcorn Machine

2. The Deathstar Cutting Board

3. BB-8 Teapot

4. Han Solo Ice Cub Tray

5. Deathstar Waffle Maker

6. Light Saber Silverware

7. Star Wars Measuring Cups

8. Darth Vader Toaster

9. Star Wars Cheez Its

10. Star Wars Mac and Cheese

So there you have it. May the fourth be with you.

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