According to WMUR, health officials announced on Wednesday that the mosquito bourne- West Nile Virus has been detected for the first time this season in a batch of mosquitoes in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Honestly, haven't we been through enough? The murder hornets had enough sense to see that it wasn't a good time to bother us.

We have enough on our plate in the year 2020. It would be cool if the infected mosquitoes could do the same.

If you are bit by an infected mosquito, symptoms typically show up about a week after the bite, according to WMUR, and many people can be asymptomatic or experience very mild symptoms. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

The news site reports that symptoms of West Nile virus are flu like symptoms such as fever, headaches, muscle aches, and fatigue. Very few people who are infected by West Nile virus experience serious life threatening illness.

So what do we do? Well, we try our darndest to not get a mosquito bite. Mosquitoes like to hang out between dusk and dawn and reproduce near standing water. It is best to wear insect repellent at all time to err on the side of caution.

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