The NFL should suspend Wes Welker for his inexcusably dirty hit on Aqib Talib. Oh, I know it won't happen but it should. My brother and I text back and forth during the game, and as you can see we were on this one well before people decided to say Bill Belichick was just whining. If Phil Simms wasn't such a poor color guy, maybe someone would have called out the play when it happened-- and why is Phil Simms anywhere near the booth when the far superior Boomer Esiason would have called it like it is? Now, please know that I'm not one to criticize players for leaving. I'm on record defending Ellsbury and other Sox for taking the money and moving, and didn't begrudge Welker for moving on to Denver (which makes this ugly play even harder to accept). I don't believe this hit changed the outcome of the game. But it was a dirty hit and he should pay the price.


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