A local New Hampshire woman was punished severely for her act of kindness. 

Put your hands together for Bonnie Kimball, a lunch lady at Mascoma Valley Regional High School. We need more people like Bonnie Kimball in the world. 

According to WZZM13.com, when a young student took a lunch tray and got to the line to have his account docked, it was empty. She told the young student to “tell mom you need money” and went on serving.  But, the act of kindness caught her manager's eye and she was fired, the news station reported.

I have to share that this story really hit home for me. I grew up with modest means and I know what it is like to be a child and be hungry.  While the kids in my neighborhood were spending money on candy I was dreaming of a glass of milk.  I made excuses all the time for not going to the corner store with my friends because I was ashamed.  When I read that Ms. Kimball had been FIRED for her act of kindness, I was furious. 

But wait, there is a happy ending. 

Because of the backlash from others that heard her story, the company she was working for offered to re-hire her.  And good for Bonnie Kimball, she turned them down and said NO. 

It didn’t take long for the story to go viral and catch the ear of Chef José Andrés one of the top chefs in the country. Take a look at his tweet! 

“New Hampshire school cafeteria worker fired for giving food to a student who couldn’t pay … The hero is Bonnie Kimball! If she needs a job we have openings at @thinkfoodgroup if you know her, let her know!”

I really hope she takes him up on his offer.  Chef Andrés is well known for his charitable relief efforts especially fighting hunger.  He was done so much good work for the folks in Puerto Rico hit hard by Hurricane Maria.  I think they would make a good team.

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