I wish I was as flexible as "Brandy, The Morning Waking Pooch!"

Brandy Does Yoga
A Dog Doing Downward Dog

I love Yoga and Pilates, but truth be told, I haven't done either on a regular basis in quite a long time.  I know I should have made that my New Year's resolution, but since I don't make resolutions, the point is kind of moot, don't ya think!  Anyway, Brandy, The Morning Waking Pooch, is forever stretching so I have to assume she is unbelievably flexible. Considering she doesn't do much with her day, she lays around on recliners, sofas and beds.  She eats her two meals a day and has treats handed to her at work. This dog hates to walk and she doesn't play all that much.  The only exercise she gets is when I walk her around the block to do her business.  I don't know why she needs to stretch so much.  It must be hard life, jumping from sofa, to recliner to the beds!  But, she is my baby and she can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants.  She has taken control of my house, car and workplace - and I wouldn't have it any other way! Any ideas on how I can get Brandy to go on long walks with me would be appreciated.  Let me know!

Brandy On A Bed
Brandy tuckered out after doing Yoga!

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